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December 20, 2011:

LMUD attorney Eugene Chittock

Wants LMUD to File a new Lawsuit

With LMUD's plate full of lawsuits pending, Chittock asks LMUD to consider another lawsuit against Kan We Help Secretary. 

LMUD says No and Chittock bills LMUD $100 for the suggestion

LMUD"s General Counsel Chittock has the nerve to charge LMUD $100 for suggesting filing a lawsuit against KWH Secretary



LMUD has tried this SCARE TACTIC before in 2003

LMUD changes meeting rules so that the public could not comment on any item marked "INFORMATION". The public reacted with total outrage

 KWH warned the LMUD Board of Directors to be careful when playing with the publics right of freedom of speech. LMUD continues to threaten the public with lawsuits (7) and arrest if they continue to be critical of the way the meetings are conducted.  Brown Act violations have been ignored by the District Attorney and LMUD. 


Fake Lawsuit

Frank Cady has threatened to sue KWH five times  and has abused his authority by announcing A FAKE LAWSUIT.