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LMUD pays $4,000 a month for 3-4 pages

The "Ruralite Magazine" costs each LMUD household $2.37 a month     

LMUD only gets 3-4 pages a month in this 32 page magazine


#1.   Is the "Ruralite Magazine
 worth  $4,000 A MONTH ?

YES     162         NO   3661

#2. Can the LMUD Board spend $.39 a month to communicate the same information?

YES   2738       NO    217

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October  2006 Issue

Cady Raises Residential Rates Again, this is the third time in 15 months





September  2006 Issue

August  2006 Issue



July  2006 Issue






June  2006 Issue



May   2006 Issue

LMUD Manager gives mis-information, again.

The government wants to regulate these "bandit utilities" that rape their ratepayers......Frank Cady would be against this.

Frank Cady continues to give the ratepayers lies. Frank Cady creates charts that show the entire $ .115 per KWH charge is a commodity charge when only half of the $ .115 is the cost of the commodity (cost to bring electricity to LMUD), the other half pays for his and the Boards expensive life style. 


April   2006 Issue




March  2006 Issue



February  2006 Issue

The LMUD Board will not "unbundle" overhead & maintenance expenses (salaries,travel, benefits).....why? 

Ratepayers would be outraged


January  2006 Issue

The public did not support the rate increase. They didn't even know about the rate increase. 

Hats off to Shady Cady. He pulled it off. He throws out a proposed huge increase in the Basic Charge ($3.50 to $25.00) to distract the public. Then after the smoke clears  he sneaks in the adjustable rate increase policy that gives him the power to increase rates every three months. 


December  2005 Issue

No mention of the tentative financial position, no mention of the $1.5 million Letter of Credit in order to buy power, no mention of the new CVP "Arrowrock" Scam. 

November  2005 Issue

 "This Board believes in openness and transparency".....nothing could be further from the truth


October  2005 Issue

 No mention at all to reduce spending........?


 September 2005 Issue



July 2005 Issue