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Former LMUD General Manager Ray Luhring

"Consulting" Contract

The LMUD Board fired Frank Cady in January 2008 and hired Ray Luhring on May 23, 2008. Luhring quits/resigns/terminated on March 25, 2011

Luhring is moving to Colorado because his wife is being "transferred" (??????) or Utah or Missouri and/or he wants to be a farmer (???????) and/or he can make more money as a consultant for LMUD  OR

LMUD's request for the dismissal of the sexual harassment case against LMUD Board and Management was denied................TRIAL DATE 11/7/11Fed # 10cv00286

As usual, LMUD quickly draws up a consulting contract for his silence. Luhring was paid $26,000 upfront (?????)

for what (??????) invoices, no accountability, no money trail

......then what (???????)

Take a look at the "Confidentiality" paragraph !