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LMUD employee

Connie Devlyne-Sexual Harassment

Read this disturbing case: Federal Court Case 10-cv-00286

TRIAL DATE: 11/7/11

HERE WE GO AGAIN, LMUD had to pay Steve Trevino, former Supervisor, over $600,000 because of bad management decisions by the LMUD Board

March 9, 2010







































March 2, 2010

LMUD Employees File Lawsuit for


Paul Glau and two other LMUD employees recently filed a Harassment lawsuit against LMUD Board members Langston and Nagel & LMUD GM Ray Luhring.

Conflict of interest must be discussed in open session....oops....a Brown Act violation

Lassen County Times, 3/2/10

(Lassen County Times was not aware of this lawsuit when this article was published)

The LMUD Board's history continues to show gross mis-handling of the public's business

Evelyn Twitchell was paid $100,000 for her silence of Cady's actions


Steve Trevino was paid $622,000 . (LMUD's support of Cady's actions)


The LMUD Board has spent over $100,000 to collect $7,500 from Cal Sierra Title Company for the KWH v LMUD award. KWH settlement


LMUD has spent over $1,000,000 in the last eight years to cover up their huge management mistakes

That's just what we know about...............

We don't know how much they spent on the falsification of Federal Forms for illegally transporting hazardous waste