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Jaimee Jones Rats on Frank Cady's Fake Sale of the Law Firm


Bill Stewart

Case 47131, Cady v Jones

Presiding:  J. Michael Brown, Bar says he is inactive

October 13, 2009

Jones Trial Brief

Jones termination    Cady termination

"The evidence will clearly demonstrate that the contracts were created for an illegal purpose.i.e. to allow Cady to conceal that he had a financial interest in the fees which his employer, LMUD was to pay to Jones as General Counsel for LMUD" These are Federal Laws that have been violated and California State Bar Ethics violations

Kan We Help filed a complaint with the 2005-2006 Grand Jury. Bradbury who still owned property (60 S.Lassen) with Frank Cady packed the Jury with "LMUD" people and then quashed the complaint.

Judge Bradbury had a really unethical habit of placing people on the Grand Jury that clearly had a conflict. LMUD's Keri "Bejcek" Richards relative Teri Lynn Bejcek was placed on this Grand Jury. Judge Bradbury also has put LMUD's attorney, Jaimee Jones on the Grand Jury and LMUD's Steve Trevino on the Grand Jury.

Judge Bradbury ensured that any complaint against LMUD would be rendered moot.

Cady and Jones set up a "straw entity", in Jones name, so that it would appear that he had sold the property to Jaimee Jones . U.S. Magistrate Craig Kellison then deeded his ownership (1/3) of 60 S. Lassen Street to Cady after the phony sale to Jaimee Jones. Judge Bradbury's interest was concealed until he was paid off in January of 2006.


(NOTE: Judge Bradbury was Frank Cady's business partner   Bradbury-Cady  and he was the Presiding Judge in Lassen County Superior Court during this trial. Judge J. Michael Brown presided over the trial.  Bradbury resigned on November 7, 2009. Judge Bradbury sold his interest in Cady/Kellison/Bradbury/Jones "alleged" property at 60 S. Lassen on 1/31/06. Bradbury-Cady


Cady won a $230,000 Settlement from Jones

but where are the indictments ?

How long will the Lassen County District Attorney bury his head on this? Where are the indictments?




































Frank Cady and Jaimee Richey/Jones set up phony sale

of the law firm in order to obtain public contracts. 




frank cady and jaimee richey/jones history


February 3, 2010

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