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November 4, 2004



Twitchell reported that PSREC is in negotiations regarding a marketing agreement for the PSREC's co-generation plant, at the Federal Prison. "No agreements have been signed but they are close". This scenario is exactly like Arrowrock. link  Promises, promises and then nothing.

 No progress on feasibility study and it's  not expected until 2006 ? 

Twitchell reports are filled with double talk. Why would anyone be willing to "negotiate" a contract for a product that is not being produced and may not be produced. The Feasibility Study has not been completed and it looks like it won't be completed, according to Twitchell, until mid 2006 ???

Twitchell indicated that LMUD, having given PSREC the Federal Prison, might be the LEAD agency in this project. This equates to: LMUD WILL BE SPENDING THE MOST MONEY......just like ARROWROCK. 


"It sounds like we're just passing a hot potato around". 

He is exactly correct. This is just another scam, like Arrowrock, that will be done in back rooms in secrecy. No disclosures to the public. LMUD ratepayers will foot the bill and will get nothing. 

Has Twitchell seen the boondoggle at Lassen College. This was a taxpayer tragedy. link