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December 13, 2011



Part 1

LMUD's General Manager/Bookkeeper, Bill Stewart, is attempting [with Eugene Chittock's and the  full LMUD Boards approval] to purchase 6 acres from an elderly widow, Hazel Campbell of Sacramento. The only problem is that Hazel Campbell thinks she is selling 10 acres for $20,000. 

LMUD, on September 9, 2010 set up a General Ledger account for the Lambert Lane substation and has posted $358,000 of expenses on land they did not own and a project that did not exist.

This 10 acre parcel is not divided into a 6 acre parcel and a 4 acre parcel. Mrs. Campbell stated to Kan We Help that she has no intention of selling 6 of the 10 acres to LMUD. After checking with Lassen County, Kan We Help found no request by Mrs. Campbell to subdivide her property.

Kan We Help requested copies of the billing from LMUD for Eugene Chittock's time. LMUD lists Eugene Chittock as the "Lead Negotiator" in their Minutes. LMUD has stated that this billing does not exist. Kan We Help has found out why this legal billing does not exist.  Hazel Campbell stated on December 12, 2011 that she has only spoken with an employee of LMUD, Kelly Holmes.

Hazel Campbell has not signed any contract to sell her property to  LMUD

LMUD's Service Planner, Kelly Holmes was directed by Eugene Chittock to obtain a signed form enabling LMUD to act as OWNER/AGENT for this elderly widow.  Mrs. Campbell signed this form on October 10, 2011 and was told that LMUD would pay for any improvements to the property prior to LMUD purchasing the 10 acres. Mrs. Campbell stated that she never agreed to sell only 6 acres.

Kelly Holmes was then instructed, on October 14, 2011 to take out a Grading Permit on Mrs. Campbell's property. The cost of this permit was $344.25 but LMUD claims that they issued no such payment.


The permit that Kelly Homes filed for the grading states that he believed the value of this property was $65,000.

Also, LMUD secretly obtained a flood "Elevation Certificate" from former "recalled" LMUD Director Vern Templeton and former partner of  Fred Nagel. LMUD needed this certificate to bring in "fill dirt". There is a slough that runs on one side of Mrs. Campbell's property.

LMUD Director Fred Nagel, who is a PSREC resident and customer, stated at the September 27, 2011 LMUD Meeting;

LMUD has been moving hazardous waste dirt around to different parcels in Lassen County.

 If LMUD intends to move this contaminated dirt on to Mrs. Campbell's "4 acres", prior to purchasing this parcel, will she be liable for any water contamination in the future or will LMUD?


Slough at the Lambert Lane Property owned by Hazel Campbell

Will getting rid of these grifters, make LMUD honest?