The Boise Project Board of Controls FERC license expires on March 26, 2005

The BPBC failed to submit the required Articles and did not start construction by the March 26, 2005 deadline. They have requested a stay on the expiration of their license. 

No further extensions are available under Public Law 106-343.

This Board has never been able to acquire any interest, except for LMUD, in this hydroelectric project. It just has never been feasible. 

LMUD has successfully hidden the costs expended on this scam. The ratepayers may never know who got the money and how much.  


LMUD hid the Arrowrock MOU from the public, they refused to release all of the costs of this scam, they attempted to buy a hydroelectric facility that did not exist and then LMUD was forced to abandon all involvement in this scam.

There is no record of the Boise Project Board of Controls submitting the required Articles of compliance to FERC as of 12/22/04.

These Articles must be submitted to FERC by December 24, 2004, prior to construction commencing. Construction must commence by March 26, 2005, in order for the license to continue.