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Update: 12/16/14


54952.2 - Meeting defined

54952.2 (b)-E-mail to and from the legislative body

54952.6.- Action taken defined

54953 (a-c)-All Meetings open to the public

54953.5 (a)- Recording public meetings

54953.5 (b)- Recordings made by public agency are public records

54954 (b)- Boundaries

54953.6-Restrictions on recording open meeting

54954 (b) - Meetings & Multiagency meetings outside jurisdiction

54954.1- Free copy of public agency agenda or agenda packet

54954.2 (a) (b) - Agenda

54954.2 (b)- Adding Agenda Items  & Public Testimony on all Agenda Items including Closed Sessions


54954.3- Public may speak on every agenda item

54955- Adjournments & Continuances

54956-Special Meetings

54956.6- No fees for carrying out provisions of Brown Act except where authorized

54956.8- Negotiations for sale of public property

54956.9.(a)- Closed session on existing litigation

54957.1(a)(1)A- Reporting after Closed Session

54957.1.6 b,c -Reporting after Closed Session

54957.5-Documents distributed at Public MeetingCounty copiers

54959-Criminal Penalties for lying to the public