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History will not be kind to Donald Trump


                                                                                         Trump Impeached.


Reality has become Trump's fake news



TRUMP & family: Classless , SkeevyNew York Thugs, fluent in Moron 

Now......the Manchurian Candidate

Disturbingly Classless

Before plagiarizing Michelle Obama she posed as a Secret Service Agent

If Trump doesn't stop lying he will be Americas first FAKE PRESIDENT


When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal"......Richard Nixon, 1977 David Frost interviews


Serial Liar-in-Chief



  We thought that this was the  Republican Senators final attempt to get rid of Americans health care

Their effort on 9/30/17 to eliminate Medicaid has failed-

    Link to last attempt HR 1628

House of Representatives

Rep. Doug La Malfa- 202-225-3076  (His offices are not taking any calls?)

3rd Attempt



No. 1 Threat to America:  Defective Trump, and his Word Vomiting

The Russians are now collecting on Trumps debt to Russia

...the 33% that have no love of this country will support Russia's Trump to the end...the end of the USA

How many espisodes will the "Impeach Trump" sitcom have before the Season is cancelled?



Reality has become Trump's fake news


[Unemployment was 4.7 as of 12/30/16]




Season 2, Episodes 1-12



4/13/18: trump gives advance notice to Russia of his missile attack on Syria. No strategic targets hit.


4/10/18: trump fires Tom Bossert, Homeland Security Advisor.  He was a threat to NSA director and fascist Bolton.

4/9/18: trump's attorney Michael Cohen raided by New York U.S. Attorney (trump appointee) at his office, his home, and trump towers. Cohen did trump's dirty work, a consigliore and knows where all of the bodies are buried.




3/29/18: trump hires doctor that said trump weighed 239 lbs and was in excellent health to be Secretary of Veterans

Affairs.   Nice way to pay a doctor to lie ?

3/28/18: trump fires Secretary of Veterans Affairs Shulkin to reward his doctor for lying about trumps health


3/23/18: trump announces that his "WALL" will start on 3/24/18. It won't. trump told his knuckle draggers that Mexico will pay for the border wall. They won't.

3/22/18: trump fires NSA General McMaster and hires the absolute bottom feeder John Bolton.


3/20/18: Trumps Advisors told him not to call the Russian Dictator and congratulate him.  Trumps infatuation with Putin disregarded this advice and called Putin

3/16/18: Trump fires career US Attorney & FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe hours before he is to retire. Trump is certifiable, mean spirited and a moron


3/13/18: Twitter Twit Trump fires Rex Tillerson (Exxon/Secretary of State via .....twitter



Trump (aka Drumph) Drained the Swamp,

......and brought all the creepy crawlies to Washington



(five never verified medical deferments filed to avoid the Draft)

" know, I really believe, you don't know until you are tested, but I think, I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon....."


the  coward-in-chief   speaks and

continues to trash law enforcement


2/21/18:  Trump vomits the NRA crap, word for word. He lied to the surviving victims of the school massacre. Trump is as Un-American as you can imagine. Never could anyone conceive of the United States having a pathological liar, coward and buffoon as President.


2/18/18:  The Twitter in Chief freaks out with dozens of tweets about how he is being abused. This is a sick and dangerous person

2/17/18: Trump briefly visits a hospital where victims from the Florida school were and then goes to a party.


2/7/18: Trump has asked the Pentagon to organize a military parade similar to Russia and North Korea for Washington DC in November of 2018. He wants so much to be a dictator.  He is turning the military into his Palace Guard


2/6/18: Trumps attorneys are afraid that he will lie to a Grand Jury. If Trump tells the truth, which is unlikely, he will be indicted for Obstruction of Justice/treason.

2/5/18: Stock market crashes as Trump touts how great he is in Cincinnati.  Calls Democrats treasonous for not clapping for him at the State of the Union Speech.  Republicans never stood or clapped for President Obama. No American has to pledge allegiance to a President or any other elected official

2/2/18: Nunes releases the March/2017 "re-written" Trump Memo that turns out to be a dud.  This poorly written Memo self destructs on the last page.  This attempt to destroy the FBI and the investigation involving Russia's interference was sad and should concern the American people.




Season 1, Episodes 1-12

1/31/18: In March of 2017, Representative Nunes colluded with Trump to use a contrived Memo that included fabricated evidence that President Obama wire-tapped Trump's phones (this has since been debunked). After months of refusing to release this fake Memo, even to fellow Republicans, Trump now intends to use it against the FBI. The FBI claims that this Memo now includes classified information that will greatly harm the nations security.



President Twit, tweets

....that's the full extent of his skills



1/25/18: Trump told his attorney to fire the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in June of 2017. His attorney refused and said he would resign. Trumps trolls repeatedly told the public that Trump HAS NEVER CONSIDERED FIRING MUELLER. 

1/19/18: Trump turns away Republican/Democrat deals and the United States of America shuts down. This is treason.


1/13/18: Trump was on his golf course when Hawaii received an emergency alert that a missile was inbound.

 Trump never acknowledged this mistake.


1/12/18: Trump claimed he would not be traveling to London because Obama moved the Embassy. The truth, which does not come to Trump often, George Bush moved the London Embassy in 2008 due to security issues. The location made it indefensible.

The old US Embassy sold for over $500 million.

The new US Embassy is the most secure Embassy in the world

The fact that the English do not want him to come did not come up.

The fact that  America's racist president may not be welcome anywhere in the world where there are brown people.  He called countries like Haiti, El Salvador and African countries "shitholes" and asked the Republicans and Democrats why we have to let people in from "shithole countries".



2/11/18: Trumps "policy" by Twitter panicked Republicans this morning when he came out against renewing FISA (702). Then he came out (via twitter) again that he was for renewing the foreign surveillance law. Trump simply did not know what he was talking about. The law was renewed for another 6 years. Trump's babysitter was on a break?

Trump told lawmakers that countries like Haiti, El Salvador and African countries are "shithole countries" and asked why we let them into our country.



1/10/18: Federal Judge Alsup blocked Trumps attempt to phase out DACA. The Judge used Trumps tweets against him.  Trump called a "photo op" so he could tell a group of Democrats and Republicans that he would sign a Bill that fixed DACA..........?....which was a lie


1/7/18: Trump reverts to threats against DACA to get the Wall he told the knuckledraggers Mexico would pay for


1/4/18: Trump dissolves Voter Fraud Commission he formed to investigate 2016 voter fraud. No voter fraud


1/3/18: Trump "tweets" that his button is bigger than N. Korea's button.   Two five year olds comparing "dick" sizes?






12/31/17: One third of 2017 was spent at Trump's taxpayer expense

12/22/17: Trump forgoes sharing the signing of his "Christmas gift to himself" with Republicans in January. Signs Obscene tax cuts privately today.



12/20/17:  Republiklans voted the obscene tax cuts for their wealthy donors that they have wanted for decades.

  American taxpayers lose.   JOB KILLER !


12/18/17 Trump/Republicans $1.445 deficit funded tax cut for the rich is permanent while the tax "reform" for the middle class and poor expire.

No loop holes for corporations were eliminated. Corporations with foreign owners will take this windfall out of the country.



Trump's Atrocity

Words banned: vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based


12/16/17: Trumps promise to the Rich

12/14/17: Trumps five Federal Judge nominees drilled by Republican John Kennedy could not answer simple questions about the law.


12/12/17: Trump endorses the pedophile Roy Moore for Senator in Alabama and Roy Moore loses.


12/6/17: Trump profoundly slurred his words and appeared to have "denture problems" or worse, signs of a mental/physical issue. (Needing water was the excuse). This condition has been noticed before.


12/4/17: Trump now looks up to see the bottom. Trump who admitted to  intruding into Teen America's dressing room while they were naked has now indorsed the accused pedophile Roy Moore who is running for Jeff Sessions vacant seat in Alabama.

The Republicans are silent but now are throwing $$$$$ into the Moore campaign.  MORALLY CORRUPT


12/1/17: Trump has been told that Michael Flynn has made a plea deal with the FBI for lying to the FBI. Flynn was an "unregistered" foreign agent when he was appointed by Trump to be NSA Director.




11/30/17: Trump draws the ire of England by "retweeting" a video he received from a neo-nazi group in England. The group British First sent him a video claiming that Muslims were the bad guys killing children. The Brits immediately took the position that it would not be in their best interest to invite Trump to England.

trump is a child that has been given a loaded gun


11/27/17: Trump held a ceremony, in the Oval Office, and placed the podium in front of his Andrew Jackson portrait to honor 3 Navajo "US Marine" Code talkers.


 The Code Talkers started in 1940 with the Chippewa & Oneida Nations. The US Marines recruited 29 Code Talkers in 1942 and the program was so successful that over 400 were recruited during WWII. The Code was never broken

Andrew Jackson was known to say "A good Indian, is a dead Indian.  Jackson's goal, as President, was to annihilate the Native American Indians. In 1838 Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act and then proceeded to kill.


To add to the insult Trump made a racial slur about Senator Elizabeth Warren and used the Pocahontas slur during the ceremony to honor the Navajo Code Talkers.



11/22/17:  In a 53 page decision, the Federal Court strikes down Trump Appeal to ban transgenders from serving in the military. Just another loss from a mean spirited man.


11/21/17: Federal Judge permanently blocks "first" Executive Order for his knuckle draggers: withholding federal funding for Sanctuary cities. US District Court Judge William Orrick ruled in favor of San Francisco & Santa Clara counties. Trump cannot set new rules on spending that Congress has approved


11/20/17: Trump closes his fake foundation. Charitable contributions were used for Trump's personal expenses. Ivanka Trump is being investigated for her participation in the Panama City Trump Tower, a Russian Mafia money laundering business


11/5/17:  One of Trumps first acts was to remove President Obama's Executive Order that persons with mental health history could not own a gun.  He did this for the NRA and the knuckle draggers.

Sutherland Springs, TEXAS

26 dead, 14 were children





10/30/17:  Trumps former campaign manager Paul Manafort and campaign advisor Rick Gates indicted on initially 12 counts by FBI Indictment . Conspiring against the United States, money laundering, not registering as a foreign agent (Ukrain/Russia). Trumps foreign policy advisor George Papadopolous pleads guilty to lying to the FBI and "cooperates" with investigation

10/24/17: Trump is being compared to the 1950's Senator Joe McCarthy. Both lied. Both have a mean bullying dark personality.  Both hurt America


10/19/17:  Trump's hourly screw-ups have had an effect on his body language

The Trump "fetal" position

no flailing hand gestures....................?

10/18/17: NFL encourages players to stand but will not mandate them to stand during the anthem. Trumps history with the NFL may still be fresh in the NFL owners minds.


10/17/17:  Trump insults mother of Green Beret Sgt. La David Johnson killed in the Niger ambush. Tells her "that's what he signed up for". Rep. Wilson was present when Trump made the callus comment. Sgt. Johnson was the only black soldier

10/16/17: It is painful to watch 10 months of this disgraceful Man-boy Act. Today, this sad excuse for a human stated that he may write to the 4 Green Berets families. These four Green Berets were ambushed on the Mali/Niger border on October 5, 2017. Trump was busy.... talking about himself

When criticized today at an unusual press conference, this sycophant stated that it has not been a practice of previous Presidents to call or write families (TOTALLY A LIE). Trump has not made any comments about America's loss nor has he contacted the families of our fallen heroes

trump played golf while the bodies of the fallen soldiers arrived at Dover Air Force Base in Deleware.


10/12/17: Trump's Press Secretary just released a statement that according to the Justice Department (Jeff Sessions) the Federal Government does not have to continue to pay Federal Subsidies for the poor.

If Trump enacts this policy, this will end the Affordable Care Act and health insurance for millions of Americans.






How or who can stop this insane man?


10/11/17: Trump is delusional. Trump believes he can stop/control the media and threatens to take NBC off the air. Trump strangely trampled on the 1st Amendment and apparently was unaware of the 25th Amendment.


10/10/17: Trump has a history of failure with the USFL (New Jersey Generals) and rejection from the NFL to buy the Buffalo Bills.   Trump, as President, believes now that he can get even with his disgrace by bullying NFL owners and players.


10/5/17: Secretary of State Tillerson calls Trump a fucking moron. Trump wants to take an IQ test now to prove who is smarter. Mensa has offered to give this test. All Mensa will need is a coloring book with instructions to Trump, to stay within the lines.


10/3/17: Trump flies to a National Guard airfield in Puerto Rico just to throw paper towel rolls at a few people?


10/1/17: Trump snaps at San Juan Mayor after she begged him for help and Trump complained that "they want everything to be done for them"

Trump was at his New Jersey golf club when he made the statement about the Puerto Rican Americans.

This is Trumps "staff" at Mar a Lago. The staff at his golf club is twice as "BIGLY"

HE'S A BUM: Labron James

no.....he is an Emperor






9/30/17:  Trump insults Puerto Rican Mayor while he is at his golf resort in New Jersey.  Trumps comments are unusually cruel, even for the trump twit.

9/29/17:  Trumps Health Secretary is fired for using private jets. $1,000,000 in travel costs for 4 months on the job. Some say that he didn't deliver the Trumpcare votes.  Trump doesn't have a clue what his champagne cabinet is doing.


9/23/17:After nine years, the Republi-Klans are still trying to take away health care for Americans






1. Trumps mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, was a 17 year old immigrant in 1929, that listed her profession as a "domestic" (housekeeper/cook)

2. Trumps first wife, Ivana Zelnickova, was an immigrant from Czechoslaovakia. She married Trump on April 7, 1977

3. Trumps third wife, Melania Knavs was an immigrant from Slovenia, working in the United States without legal work visas. After working for Trump Model Management in 2000, she obtained a Green Card and married Trump in 2005


TRUMP: If you are WHITE, illegal immigration is accepted.







8/25/17: HURRICANE HARVEY: There is no apparent bottom to Trump's low intelligent level and infinity for racists. Trump admits he pardoned the racist on this day to get maximum ratings. This is one sick, sick old man

Trump just pardoned Arizona's racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was convicted of Contempt of Court. Arpaio targeted black and hispanics for his tent camps.

8/24/17: Trump campaigned on Mexico paying for this border wall and made his base chant; Who will pay for the wall...Mexico. And now threatens to close the government down if the United States Congress does not pay for it. COMPLETE LUNACY

8/22/17: Trump holds rally in Phoenix to support his ego. Shameful display of a narcissist personality.  Trump wakes up everyday to perform the next episode of the Trump Show. His reality show may be cancelled and not run the 4 years.  Trump claimed there were 15,000 people, at his Phoenix rant, but Fire Marshalls estimated between 4,000 and 4,500 people attending and after Trumps 72 minute old campaign slogan tirade people started leaving. Trump was so angry that he told his "people" to fire George Gigicos (Rally Organizer) because the crowd wasn't big enough.  Trumps obsession with "size" at his ego events is disturbing at best


8/18/17:  Racisist Bannon fired.   Bannon's Miller and Gorka remain



Make America Great White Again

Trump: a damaged pathetic personality raised by a father that supported the KKK


David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK, stated in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday (in a TV interview) that they finally after decades have a leader in the White house.

Was he talking about Donald Trump or Brietbarts racist Steve Bannon?

Everyday, it is becoming clearer and clearer that Donald Trump is not a friend of America





8/12/17:  Trump brought the racist Steve Bannon into his administration and now his racist groups feel they can come out from under the rock they have lived in for decades. The Nazi groups, KKK, Britbart and all the white racists groups march for Trump in Charlottesville, Virginia today.

8/11/17: Trump talks about N. Korea as though he is reading a script from a really bad movie.  This toddler has control of the nuclear codes....................

8/4/17: Trump takes a vacation to his New Jersey private golf club for 17 days.  The West Wing staff leaves for "air conditioning repairs".

8/2/17: Trump finally signed Congresses new sanctions on Russia, North Korea & Iran.  Congress passed this 5 days ago and Trump tried to find a way to "not sign". If Trump let this Bill sit on his desk for ten (10) days it becomes law as long as Congress is in session. Congress made this a "Veto Proof" bill because they do not trust Trump with Russia


8/1/17: Trump calls White House a "DUMP".



7/31/17:  Anthony Scaramucci leaves White House after only one week. Scaramucci who Trump never actually hired, (had questionable inancial dealings with China) but managed to disgrace himself with his filthy remarks to a New Yorker reporter within days of introducing himself

7/28/17: Congress passes tougher Russian sanctions that prevent the President from not enforcing them. They made it clear that they do not trust Trump with the Russians

7/27/17: 48 Republican Senators fail to destroy Americans health care

7/26/17: Trump bans transgender people from serving in the military. To bad, there isn't a constitutional amendment banning un-american, crooked, sick, mentally ill racist presidents....oh yea, the 25th Amendment will do nicely.

7/23/17: Trump hires Wall Street thug to be his tough guy. Anthony Scaramucci?  A Communication Director without a single day of experience?

7/21/17: Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigns


7/19/17: Trump threatens to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others for the Russia investigations. If Trump tries to interfere with this he may lose the Republican support. Trump will never lose the knuckle draggers

7/17/17: Australian Foreign Minister feels woman should start commenting on how ugly and fat President Trump is.


7/12/17:  Representative Brad Sherman introduced Articles of Impeachment today (HR 438). Bill accuses Trump of obstruction of justice and seeking to use his authority hinder ad cause termination of an investigation into former NSA Michael Flynn

7/11/17: E-mails released shows Trumps son met with Russians with the intent of receiving "dirt" on Clinton.  Kushner and Manefort attended the meeting. 

 Trump was in Trump tower, one floor above meeting and was meeting with Manefort two hours before Trumps son met with the Russian. Four hours later Trump Sr. publicly announced that he just received "dirt" on Hillary Clinton

7/7/17: Trump meets with Putin at the G-20 conference in Germany.  Does not defend America against the Russian attack on American elections. Attacks media. How many business deals did Trump initiate. How many secrets did Trump reveal in order for Putin to be his "friend".



6/27/17: Senator Mitch McConnell pulls Trumpcare. No votes to pass Trumpcare that would remove 22 million from health care coverage

6/23/17: Liar-in-Chief Trump holds campaign rally, in Cedar Rapids, to fire up his 36% base with a call for a law that already exists and has existed since President Clinton signed it in 1996

 [ Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act].

 His low-information base doesn't have a clue or just doesn't care that he is a pathological liar. Trump pledged to put this law into legislation "very shortly" that would restrict welfare to immigrants for five years

6/22/17: Liar-in-Chief has to admit that he made up the "Comey Tapes."  Trump has no intention of acting like the "President of the United States".....ever

6/14/17:  Trump now officially being investigated for Obstruction of Justice. Pence hires an attorney and starts legal fund disguised as a political action fund

6/8/17: Fired FBI Director Jim Comey calls Trump and his administration "Liars" at Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing today. Trump met 9 times with Trump since 1/7/17 and kept detailed notes. Trump pressured Jim Comey to drop the General Flynn  Russia Investigation.



6/1/17: The idiocy of this President that needs to have adult supervision at all times has announced that he will pull out of the Paris Accord/world climate change agreement.  This is a non-binding agreement to save our planet from environmental damages.

Trump, the government of one, defines America as HIS AMERICA FIRST.  This will result in irreversible damage.


5/26/17: Trump had Jared Kushner contact Russians to get secret communications set up using Russia's equipment before Inauguration. Espionage 101


5/25/17: Trump's Foreign Trip Handicapped

with his 20 Word Vocabulary

13 Adjectives and 7 Verbs


Trump at NATO conference in Brussels today

 and faces the anger of NATO countries in regards to Trumps campaign statements about withdrawing the US from NATO

Trump has cozied up to Dictators and insults our Allies

Trump vomited words that Germany is "very, very bad" and

he will stop the German cars from being imported to the US shows how stupid he is

Trump strikes his Mussolini Pose at NATO

The World is laughing at this newly elected classless thug that came from the United States. Trump's shoving Prime Minister Dusko Markovic,  from Montenegro, and then doing his Mussolini pose has gone viral.




5/21/17:Trump House/Senate investigations closing in on Trump collusion with Russians

FBI closing in on Trump Treason & Obstruction of Justice

Impeachment charges around the corner

5/17/17: Deputy AG appoints a Special Prosecutor for Trumps lies.

Michael Flynn told Trump that he was under FBI investigation prior to Trumps appointing him to the extremely sensitive position as National Security Advisor.  Trump knew of the Flynn issues before Yates informed him that Flynn was compromised by the Russians and could be blackmailed.

5/16/17: NSA McMaster was told to lie about Trump giving the Russians intel and then Trump admits it. Trump states he can do anything he wants because no one can stop him.

The United States is in BIG trouble.

5/15/17: Trump denies he leaked highly classified documents to the Russians during shocking May 10, 2017 Oval Office meeting.

5/10/17: Trump admitted that he fired FBI Director because of the Russia investigation. Trump committed OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by interfering with a federal investigation regarding his administration/campaign's involvement with Russia


5/10/17: One day after firing the FBI Director, Trump brings the Russian Minister Sergei Larov into the Oval Office?  Trump doesn't allow American Press but does let Russian cameras in the meeting.  Putin told Trump to meet with his Ambassador & Foreign Minister.  Trump does not work for the United States...?

Fired FBI Director Comey privately makes a comment that Trump is "crazy".

5/9/17:Trump fires FBI Director James Comey after Comey admitted that he knew there was nothing to the Clinton emails on  October 28, 2016, days before the election. Very Nixonian and may have the same results. Trump made possibly the worst move in his short term. Now Trump calls for the trump/Russia issue be dropped.   Nixon did this and it was the beginning of the end for his Presidency.

President Trump has concentrated on two presidential duties: Applause lines for the next 4 years at campaign rallies and selling the Trump/Kushner Brand worldwide

5/8/17: President Obama revealed that he told Trump during their 90 minute talk that Trump should not hire Flynn because he was telling the Russians (Flynn was under surveillance by the FBI) that he could get the Sanctions lifted if Trump was elected. Trump hired Flynn anyway and now Trump refuses to disclose to Congress the Trump administrations "vetting" documents

5/7/17: Jared Kushner's sister, Nicole Meyer, is in China selling American Visas for a $500,000 investment in the Kushner New Jersey Development one day after Trump extends the US EB-5 Investor program.

5/4/17: House literally bribed their way (Yes-217 No 20) to a vote on the ACA Amendment today just to please the maniacal President. Trump hosts a victory celebration in the Rose Garden. HR 1628 does not repeal anything but it does repeal Federal Medicare dollar subsidies which will remove over 24 million Americans from health care. Employers are no longer mandated to provide healthcare to employees, no mandate to cover pre-existing conditions, MUCH MUCH MORE......and Congress exempted themselves from these changes ....COWARDS ALL



5/1/17: New Jersey Congressman Tom MacArthur will try to

introduce the third Amendment to Obama Care in 2017

This Amendment intends to eliminate mandatory coverage for "pre-existing conditions". Rep. MacArthur ran into resistance to allowing the States to determine "pre-existing conditions. He then altered his bill to exclude Congress.

The Republicans tried over 60 times to Repeal the Affordable Care Act over the last 8 years.  It has become a very successful fund raiser in their Districts.







War President in the first 100 days

January 20, 2017 to April 29, 2017

Today Marks Trump's 100 days of Impotence

This poor old man is lost in his incompetence. The United States has never seen such a disaster in the White House.

Not a single legislative victory. Dozens of destructive Executive Orders between golfing (Trump's NRA gift: approved killing bears while they hibernate).

Skill Set: Bloviating, Narcissism, Cheater, Racist, Needs 24/7 Attention and a Serial Liar, etc., etc.,etc.


4/28/17:  Tea Party members want "pre-existing conditions" taken out of the Affordable Care Act. Republican Congressman Tom  MacArthur (New Jersey) submitted these demands in a new effort to repeal the ACA but the majority of Republicans can't support this so there will not be a 2nd vote  to repeal the ACA today.






*In this "one" page farcical joke tax plan, Trump "the phony President", eliminates the Alternative Minimum Tax to benefit the RICH.

NOTE: At the end of this document Trump promises to work with HIMSELF in the "Process" 

*some are speculating that Trumps youngest son may have typed this



Trump includes tax breaks for himself and corporations including reducing corporate taxes from 35% to 15%. He is eliminating all tax deductions for the middle class and poor.  TRICKLE DOWN IS ONCE MORE ON THE TABLE.   He promised to release his taxes if he was elected and states now that he will never release them. Will the American people find out how much he owes to Russia and China?  YES

This man will go down as the most crooked, most dangerous man in American history. 






FACT: The United States government (Congress/Executive Branch)

 is controlled by the Republi-Klans








Trump learns a new word, "armada". Trump announces that he is sending an "Armada" to Korea, when in fact the USS Carl Vinson Carrier strike group was heading in the opposite direction, 3,000 miles away. As usual, Trump blames someone else.  Many are wondering just how STUPID this man really is


Trump signs Executive Order to "Buy American-Hire Americans" when he still produces his products in China. Executive Order discourages hiring low wage foreign workers ? Hipocrite-in-Chief

Ivanka Trump gets 3 Chinese trademarks approved hours before her father sits down to dinner with the Chinese President

Donald Trump surrounded himself with foreign agents: Roger Stone,  Carter Page (Russian) , Paul Manafort (Russian), Michael Flynn (Turkey)

4/13/17: Trump drops a $16 million bomb in Nangarhar Provence, Afghanistan near Pakistan border.  The largest US concussive non-nuclear bomb. This was the first time this weapon had ever been used.

4/11/17: Trump campaign advisor Carter Page was identified, by the FBI, as a Russian Agent.

4/11/17: Trumps White House Press Secretary stated that Hitler did not use chemical weapons during WWII. Maybe he should visit the Holocaust Museum

4/7/17: Republicans change the rules to confirm a Supreme Court Justice to a simple majority (51).  An Act that will come back to haunt them. When the Democrats are in power this act will render the Republicans powerless.  A desperate act to place an Extremist on the highest court in the land.

4/6/17:Trump orders missile strikes on Syrian airbase where chemical attack on Syrian civilians was launched from

Trump defends Fox News Commentator Bill O'Reilly's sexual assault/harassment cases after declaring April National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Trump's "grab their pussy" statement in 2016 and all of the women that he has sexually harassed over the years confirms that he is a habitual woman abuser.

4/6/17: Republican Devin Nunes resigns from Intelligence Committee Chairperson that is investigating Trumps connection with Russia. Rep. Nunes unethically/secretly went to the White House and received information/evidence from the White House that is a conflict of interest.  He could no longer be objective.

4/5/17:Trump removes the fascist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council. A placement that should never have happened. Bannon is from Breitbart. [A far right blog that is responsible for the fake conspiracy news published to incite the right wing sociopaths]. Trump and Bannon are like thinkers


#1 Los Angeles Times-Our Dishonest President

#2 Los Angeles Times- Why Trump Lies

#3 Los Angeles Times-Trump's Authoritarian Vision

#4 Los Angeles Times-Trump's War on Journalism

#5 Los Angeles Times-Conspiracy Theorist in Chief

#6 Los Angeles Times-California Fights Back


4/3/17: Trump's son-in-law is worth more than 700 million dollars and has been put in charge of overhauling government offices is being sent to Iraq.  Personal business?  No one in the Trump family is divesting their businesses.  Eric and Donald Jr. are traveling at government expense. Trump is playing golf every week-end in Florida and the country is paying for Melania to stay in New York. Ah, the GREAT AMERICAN RIP OFF.



America survived March

Trump interferes with House Intelligence Committee investigating Trump's ties with Russia. Chair Nunes goes to White House to advise administration on evidence before his Committee. Afterwards Chairman Nunes cancels all hearings

Trump gives daughter a new government position as Assistant to the President. This position will allow his daughter to give updates on Trump's businesses

Trump gives son-in-law Kushner a new government position to allow Kushner to go into all government offices and overhaul them and to explore new businesses

 for....the government aka Trump interests


The House of Representatives pulled their Amendments to the 2009 ACA today, 3/24/17. NO VOTE TO TRUMP CARE-  TRUMP LOST BIGLY

Trump sits at the Resolute desk sitting on President Reagan's rug and President Clinton's drapes hang behind him...............................


3/17/17:The FBI, Justice Department and the NSA confirmed, at the House Intelligence Committee,  that there is no evidence that Trump's accusations that President Obama wire tapped Trump Tower and confirmed that an investigation is ongoing with Trump's relationship with Russia.

3/16/17: This dangerously paranoid man has just accused the UK of wiretapping him. Trump issued an apology after the UK Prime Minister was outraged at the Trump statement and told Trump not to do that again


Trump submits his Budget to the House and targets eliminating programs that benefit the working poor. This is draining the swamp? Trump wants to eliminate 19 agencies like Meals on Wheels. He cuts the Coast Guards Budget which renders it a useless entity. 18% cut Health Human Services, 13% cut to HUD, 21% cut to the Department of Agriculture, 31% cut to the EPA. Massive cuts to the environment, sciences, education and the Arts. Ironically, all effecting Trumps base

Federal Judge in Hawaii stops Trump II travel ban of Muslims

The House of Representatives Intelligence Committee determined that Trumps claim that he was "wire tapped" was false and no evidence could be found to substantiate Trumps claim against President Obama. Is Trump guilty of lying again? What are the consequences of violating his "Oath of Office"?

Trump promised he would not take a salary ($400,000 a year). Trump is taking a salary and stated that he would donate it at the end of the year to a charity, taking a $158,000 tax deduction. As with all of his lies will not happen



TRUMP IS NOT A BILLIONAIRE but he will be when he leaves office!



Trump Care unveiled. 14 million Americans will lose their health care by 2018.  24 million Americans will lose their health care by 2026. Trump care


Just released, Michael Flynn was registered as a Foreign Agent for Turkey when he accepted and was confirmed to serve as the NSA Director. Flynn represented Turkish businesses that dealt directly with the Trump organization.


Trumps staff claims that the President is responsible for the February Jobs Report that states unemployment is down to 4.7%. Unemployment was 4.7% on December 30, 2016, January/2017 4.8%.  Trump claimed during his campaign that unemployment could be as high 50%.


Trump tweets that he thinks that Obama tapped his phones at Trump Tower because the racist blog "Breitbart" told him this.   A FISA warrant can only be issued, by a FISA Judge,  if there is probable cause of foreign espionage. Trump could offer no evidence of any wire tapping.  [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978]. No President can order a wire tap under this law.  "probable cause" has a very high standard.


Trumps Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied about contacts with the Russians during the Trump campaign. Trumps son-in-law also met with the Russians during the 2016 campaign

America survivedFebruary

Trump claims that he took President Obama's drapes down to put up his own. A lie.

Trump fires Shermichael Singleton from HUD because Singleton stated publicly that Trump has taken the Republican Party to a new moral low.

Trump announces how easy it will be to overturn his unconstitutional Muslim ban and then states that he will write a new one ?

Trump trashes the media and then announces that he will not be attending the annual White House Correspondence dinner. First time a sitting President does not attend since 1981

Trump had no idea who the Congressional Black Caucus was. Trump lied about a meeting with Congressman Cummings.

186 non-criminal undocumented individuals are deported

Trump holds a meeting at a public restaurant on the North Korean missile fired. One of the customers "outed" the officer carrying the "nuclear football".

Trump states that the media is the enemy of the people

Trump states a lie about a terror attack in Sweden

Andrew Puzdner withdraws his confirmation process for Labor Secretary after allegations of domestic abuse and undocumented employees

General Flynn, Trump's NSA pick, resigns over close ties with Russia & lying during his confirmation hearings

Appointed his White Nationalist friend Bannon to the Security Council

Federal Courts rule Trumps Muslim ban unconstitutional

Fired Acting US Attorney Yates that would not enforce Trumps Unconstitutional Executive Order

America survived January

banned muslims from entering US at airports

Cut Federal funding to City Sanctuary Funds

Lifts ban on Black Site prisons

Renews Keystone pipeline

Freezes Federal hiring and pay

Cancels TPP

Cut discounts to low income FHA loans

Lies about inaugural attendance ?

Lies now called "alternative facts"

Trump orders Wall to be built w/o anyfunding

Curtails immigration by religion

Cuts climate change from EPA website