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Lassen County Superior Court

Judge Stephen Bradbury



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October 6, 2006

KWH files complaint with Judge Bradbury over Richey appointment


September 25, 2006



Superior Court Judge Stephen D. Bradbury appointed the new Grand Jury on July 19, 2006. It has been fairly easy to find the "Ringers". RINGERS: The jurors that can be persuaded to omit, delete or diminish politically sensitive complaints that would effect certain powerbrokers of this County.  

2006-2007 Grand Jury Members

Jamiee Richey   (LMUD'S General Counsel), Frank Cady's law partner,  has been placed on this Grand Jury.

LMUD has complaints filed against them every year. This  appointment was not an accident by Judge Bradbury and shows where Bradbury's loyalties lay

This was a political favor to LMUD for the recent property transaction Bradbury participated in, in January see below of this year, and the illegal Beterbide/LMUD transaction last year that this Grand Jury will hear. LMUD SECRETLY PURCHASES LAND for office 


Frank Cady sold his half of 60 S. Roop to Richey and then Craig Kellison sold his half of 60 S. Roop property to Frank Cady in 2005. Richey allegedly then sold 60 S. Roop to the Methodist Church next door.  All of a sudden Judge Bradbury appears in the picture...........why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

BKC: bradbury,kellison,cady

BKC History

 A few might claim that this is a cynical point of view, most contend that this is just life in Lassen County.

One retiring member of the previous Grand Jury refused to sign the final recommendations of the final report.

Bradbury attempted to place LMUD's Electrical Superintendent, Steve Trevino, on the Grand Jury. Trevino stepped down after KWH complained that a Conflict of Interest would exist with LMUD complaints being filed annually.