U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife Service gives FERC updated list of endangered and threatened species Link

Endangered, Threatened and Candidate Species

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service-Snake River

Gray Wolf, Woodland caribou, Gizzly bear, Northern Idaho ground squirrel, Canada lynx, Kootenai River white sturgeon, Bull Trout, Bliss Rapids snail, Idaho springssnail, Banbury springs lanx, Bruneau hot springsnail, MacFarlane's four-o'clock, Water howellia, Ute ladies' treses, Howell's spectacular thelypody, Sockeye salmon, Spring/Summer chinook salmon, Fall chinook salmon, Steelhead trout, Bald Eagle, Utah valvata snail, Snake River physa snail Spalding's catchfly, Christ's paintbrush, Spotted frog, slender moonwort, Southern Idaho ground squirrel, Yellow-billed cuckoo.