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All three (3) Municipal Utility Districts are governed by the 
"Municipal Utility District Act",  Division 6

The Act requires that a "municipal utility" have a minimum of 250,000 customers

LMUD never met this requirement


ELECTRIC: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

WATER: East Bay Municipal Utility District

ELECTRIC: Lassen Municipal Utility District


14402-Challenge Rate Changes

14403-Electric Rate Changes

14403.3-Report for Rate Changes

14403.5-Public Response Allowed

11501- Municipal Utility District Act 

11502- Principal Act

11507- Percent of the total votes cast

11509- Definition of Electricity District

11531- Powers of Division 6-Muncipal utility

11533- Elections

11534-Publications of ordinances and notices

11642-Creation of LMUD Boundaries

11643-Creation of LMUD Boundaries

11643.1-Creation of LMUD Boundaries

11646-Election ballots

11644- Boundaries

11648-Directors voted on at-large

11650-Election day

11653-Directors must be LMUD residents and voters

11654-Candidates must be on ballot

11801-Directors shall be residents & voters of district

11821-Election day

11828- Candidates must be on ballot

11829-Consolidate elections

11830-Directors voted on at-large

11642-Creation of LMUD Boundaries

11643-Creation of LMUD Boundaries

11643.1-Creation of LMUD Boundaries

11861-Subsequent elections after formation

11865- Vacancies 

11884- Proper administration

11891-Payment of demands

11893- Extra holidays

11908- Directors pay   Gov Code 53232

11909-Acts by Board, Motions, Resolutions, Ordinances

11912- Ordinances 

11926- Officer of the District- General Manager salary

11927-Qualification for General Manager

11929- General Manager removal

11930-Boundaries & utility services

11931- Accountant, Secretary, Treasurer, Attorney


11934-Consolidation of offices into one person

11937- General Manager must devote "entire time" to the business of LMUD

11938-Publish financial report

11939- Attorney

11940- Officers of the District- Accountant

11941-Officers of the District-Treasurer

12721-Eminent Domain

12722- Conflict of Interest- General Manager,Board

12751-Contracts-low bidders

12809-Rates fixed by District

12842-Debt ratio of District

13091- Authorization for additional debt

14401-Increase in rates & charges- GM report

14402- Public taking action against increase in rates

14403-General Manager report to the District

14403.3-Requirements of General Manager Report

14403.5- District required to allow public input