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MARCH 2006


Possible Brown Act Violations:

George Sargent, Nancy Cardenas, Fred Nagel, 3/23/06

Wayne Langston, Fred Nagel, Darrell Wood, 3/21/06


Events & Services illegally charged:

Nancy Cardenas illegally charges $100 for public event as per Resolution 90-02, there is no compensation          (No Director shall be paid for meetings with community group). Ms. Cardenas charged $350 for a dinner at the Science Bowl. Ms. Cardenas does not have any discretionary funds to do this. No Board member does. She used the LMUD credit card............

Wayne Langston, Darrell Wood, Fred Nagel meet with a "secret" person in Reno on March 21, 2006 (the name is redacted). This was not just a secret meeting....but an illegal meeting as well???


When LMUD Directors Langston, Nagel and Wood  attended this meeting in Reno, it was a blatant act to defile the Brown Act.

Was there a court appearance for all three or just another party?